Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the long awaited post...

ok, right off the bat i will just let you know that puncuation, grammar, and spelling do not count on these posts...i cant type on laptops worth a hoot! and they may not be very long!

but things have been going extremely well. i absolutely love being in mexico again. i never realize how much i feel at home here until i got down here and lived here a while. i just love the environment!

right now i am sitting at the place im staying listening to a ton of cars drive by...very loud, but just something i have come acostum to. ive gotten used to the quick showers, the never clean hair, constant sunburn, different language, crazy driving, banged up legs...just, mexico.

we have been busy the whole time ive been here. had a few days to relax which has been such a blessing!

im pretty worn out today, we poured a concrete floor and i shoveled, using muscles i havent used for a long long long time! :) i should be going to get all cleaned up, but i figured i would make everyone happy and get a little of something on here, at least to tie you till the next one! :)

last weekend was kind of rough for me. having everyone leave from home was harder for me than i thought it would be. i never realized how comfortable i was WITH them here. so then when it came time for everyone to leave, i realized i was completely on my own. definately helped me trust god more than ever before.

we have prayer every morning this week, even without having a group for the week, so its just our team. which has been such a great time to start the day...being able to spend up to a few hours with god in the morning is so refreshing, something i desperately need while im down here..because i get so easily exhausted.

we have our first group arrive on saturday, so for now we are in the relaxing stage. we are going to a outdoor fun center tomorrow...should be a blast! then on saturday the craziness begins. we ahve groups getting here and from then its full speed ahead. it will be a crazy next few weeks. but it will be fun. we always find a way to make everything we do a blast! we are always laughing!! so fun!!

hope everything is going well with all of you back at home! i love getting all of the emails and notes! keep them coming!!

and my fellow moose! :) i hope everything is going good with your transition back home. take time to rest, i was burnt after last week! i had a blast with all of you and it was fun to serve with you and watch you all pour out you love to the kids. rumi and i went on saturday and the kids couldnt stop talking about all of you! alex said he cant wait until he sees all of you again in heaven someday, the day when he wont have a wheelchair and he can run up to all of you and talk to you! all of the boys are praying for you all and they wanted to make sure you were praying for them too!! i drove by today and jose was sitting by the gate, just watching...they miss you all! and so do i!! see you all soon!! keep serving back at home!!

sorry for no pictures...cameras have been limited here...trying really hard not to be a tourist...but later, i promise!!

miss you all and thanks again for you prayers and support!!



Anonymous said...

You are doing awesome!! Can't wait to hear how God is working in your life! I am very proud to be your mom!! I love you bunches!

Cindy said...

Jaime, I didn't know you had a blog, will be a follower now. I miss your heart for God, seeing it in action. May God bless your efforts.