Friday, July 31, 2009

From dirt roads, to blue waters, to corn...

I realize now that keeping a blog up to date is a way harder task then I first thought! I give props to all of you keep up a regular blog! It's not easy! I realized fairly early into my time in Mexico that keeping this blog up to date was going to be nearly impossible. I was constantly so busy, and in the times that I did have a moment of relaxation, blogging was the last thing I wanted to do! So in these next few weeks leading up to school I will go through my month in Mexico and talk about the many things that went on. The fun times, the challenging times, and the many God moments. I will also put up some pictures from my time at my Dad's in Antigua. We just got back early this morning after a LONG day of travel...let's just say I'm glad I don't have to get on a plane again for a long time! :)

Thank you to everyone, you have all been awesome in this time I have been gone! It's been fun to hear people tell me they've been checking this blog often! And then I feel bad because there hasn't been an update for so long! So for that, I'm sorry!! But thank you for checking up on me! It means the world to know I have people in my life that I can look to for encouragement!

More posts to follow!....I promise!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the long awaited post...

ok, right off the bat i will just let you know that puncuation, grammar, and spelling do not count on these posts...i cant type on laptops worth a hoot! and they may not be very long!

but things have been going extremely well. i absolutely love being in mexico again. i never realize how much i feel at home here until i got down here and lived here a while. i just love the environment!

right now i am sitting at the place im staying listening to a ton of cars drive by...very loud, but just something i have come acostum to. ive gotten used to the quick showers, the never clean hair, constant sunburn, different language, crazy driving, banged up legs...just, mexico.

we have been busy the whole time ive been here. had a few days to relax which has been such a blessing!

im pretty worn out today, we poured a concrete floor and i shoveled, using muscles i havent used for a long long long time! :) i should be going to get all cleaned up, but i figured i would make everyone happy and get a little of something on here, at least to tie you till the next one! :)

last weekend was kind of rough for me. having everyone leave from home was harder for me than i thought it would be. i never realized how comfortable i was WITH them here. so then when it came time for everyone to leave, i realized i was completely on my own. definately helped me trust god more than ever before.

we have prayer every morning this week, even without having a group for the week, so its just our team. which has been such a great time to start the day...being able to spend up to a few hours with god in the morning is so refreshing, something i desperately need while im down here..because i get so easily exhausted.

we have our first group arrive on saturday, so for now we are in the relaxing stage. we are going to a outdoor fun center tomorrow...should be a blast! then on saturday the craziness begins. we ahve groups getting here and from then its full speed ahead. it will be a crazy next few weeks. but it will be fun. we always find a way to make everything we do a blast! we are always laughing!! so fun!!

hope everything is going well with all of you back at home! i love getting all of the emails and notes! keep them coming!!

and my fellow moose! :) i hope everything is going good with your transition back home. take time to rest, i was burnt after last week! i had a blast with all of you and it was fun to serve with you and watch you all pour out you love to the kids. rumi and i went on saturday and the kids couldnt stop talking about all of you! alex said he cant wait until he sees all of you again in heaven someday, the day when he wont have a wheelchair and he can run up to all of you and talk to you! all of the boys are praying for you all and they wanted to make sure you were praying for them too!! i drove by today and jose was sitting by the gate, just watching...they miss you all! and so do i!! see you all soon!! keep serving back at home!!

sorry for no pictures...cameras have been limited here...trying really hard not to be a tourist...but later, i promise!!

miss you all and thanks again for you prayers and support!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

T-Minus 8 Hours!!

So in about 8 hours we will be headed to church to load up into 3 vans. 20 people in purple moose shirts and about 22 suitcases, 20 backpacks, and 4 drivers. And I am beyond beyond being excited!

Just the thought of being in Mexico in less than 24 hours is amazing. I cannot wait to return to a place I love so, so dearly. To see the people that in the course of either one or two weeks completely changed my life, to see people that are new, that I've only talked to on the internet. The thought of being able to wrap my arms around all of the precious people is thrilling.

My bording pass is printed, my bags are (almost) packed, my clothes laid out for morning. All that's left is going to sleep and waking up. Well, ok, MAYBE sleeping and waking up! :) That one may not be the easiest thing in the world tonight!

As I think about being in Mexico for an entire month, I can't help but think about all that will go on, and all that I will experience. I hope to impact people in a greater level, but also being impacted myself more than ever before. I want to make myself fully open and available to anything and everything God wants to use me for. I know that God has a plan and a perfect plan at that for me to be having this experience. My prayer is that over the next month, that reason would be made clear to me. I want to be able to see the reason God put me on Team Moose. The reason He put me in Mexico for an entire month. It excites me and I can't wait to look back on this trip and see all I gained. Although, I'm not sure I want it to go all that fast! :)

I am going to try to get on here fairly often to let everyone know what I am doing, and I'll say it now, I'm not sure if pictures will be up or not. If not while I'm there, look for them when I get back! :)

Thank you to everyone who is praying for this trip and supporting us. It means the world to know I have a web of people thinking of me!

Counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds :)


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The next step..

I am definately not a blogger! But I figure I might as well use one so people can follow my various activities, at least if they want to! :)

So I am leaving in 2 short days for Ensenada, Mexico, and I am excited beyond belief! I can't wait to get back to a place that I love so dearly, and see the people that have a permanent place on my heart. It's almost like seeing family after two years, so exciting!

The first week I am there, I will be working with a group of 20 other people from my church. We will be working mainly with a special needs orphanage, Gabriel House, doing various things with the kids and for the staff members. I am excited to be able to see a different part of Mexico, it will be an experience I will never forget, I'm sure. There is a video on their website that will move you to tears, and definately gets me excited to go and serve in this area. Another part of serving at the Gabriel House is through building onto their dorms. We will be starting a project for them to be able to care for even more children. Throughout other parts of the week, we will also be doing VBS in a village. Doing things such as playing with the kids, doing crafts, singing songs, and performing skits.

On June 27, the group from my church will be flying back home while I stay behind. As they travel on to San Diego, I will be starting the next part of my trip. Until July 18th, I will be doing what we call an "informal internship" with Rick and Tammie. I will stay with them for three weeks, doing a variety of things, many of which I don't know at this point. I would have to say I am very excited for this, to be taking a next step in my journey is exciting.

I will try to get to a computer at some point throughout my time there to try to get some of my thoughts down, for me and for you. Inform you on how life has gone and things I have been doing! I can't promise a lot! But I will definately try! :) Thank you for all of your prayers and support! I greatly appreciate it!!